It's Time to Elevate Your Brand with Strategy+ Design + Systems

As Therapist & Mindset Coaches you’re passionate about serving your clients, but you know your Branding is not speaking to your ideal clients, your DIY website does not represent your brand fully. Plus, your systems are all over the place. Let's ELEVATE your BRAND with PURPOSE!

It's Time to Elevate Your Brand with Strategy+ Design + Systems

As Wellness Professionals you’re passionate about serving your clients, but you know your Branding is not speaking to your ideal clients. Your current website does not represent your brand fully. Plus, your systems are all over the place. Let’s ELEVATE your BRAND with PURPOSE!

* Platforms I currently use to build websites are WordPress and Showit only.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken a huge step in Elevating your Brand. 

As Therapist & Mindset Coaches you know the importance of systems and having a strong foundation. You started your business to make an impact on others.

So, let’s get started with strategically building your brand foundation, identity and website, plus systems.  At DDCO. we’re here to help Wellness Professionals such as, Therapist, Nutritionist and Mindset Coaches focus on their zone of genius, while we handle all things design.   

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not knowing where to start
  • There’s not enough time to complete every task in your business, such as onboarding clients 
  • Have a vision, but not sure exactly where to start and how to builds systems that at will 


Branding Strategy + Systems Guide

Brand Identity

Website Only In 2 Weeks

Do you only need a website? Well, let's get it done. DDCO only needs your brand assets with professional photos.

Signature Offer

Brand Foundation+ Identity


Scrolling or Full Website

Exclusive Offer

Branding Strategy + Brand Identity

Brand Assets (Choose 2)

Scrolling or Sales Page

System Setup

Ongoing Support

Only for Exclusive Clients

Quarterly Design and System Retainer

$1,200 Monthly or Pay Quarterly in Full

We use our signature framework – THE ELEVATED METHOD.


You must have a plan, PERIOD! So, let’s set you up for the jump to ELEVATE your brand with a strategic plan. 


Now, that we established your brand foundation we’re ready to create your identity for your brand. 


It’s time to dive into your visuals, meaning. website design and any collaterals.

Elevate Your Systems

Now, let’s get your systems in place for your clients. We will starting looking at your process and create a consistent client process. Plus, look at how your are funneling your clients using your lead magnet. 

The Elevated Experience

Yassss! Now, with that your brand, systems and design is ELEVATED, we’ll so you have to maintain it.


Now, you have an option to hire us on retainer. This includes 20 hours/ monthly  with support on brand, design and systems. 

I’m Shalishia De’Ann, an Educator, Brand + System Strategist, Web Designer and a wife whose passion is to help other busy female business owners create a Top – Tier Brand. I know what’s it’s like to have a busy life with family while being a CEO in your business. 

Now, this Entrepreneur journey is not easy while still taking care of home.  There are so many new skills to learn. You’ve already mastered your expertise. Now, consistently attracting leads to your website to increase your sales on autopilot it’s difficult. There are so many components to this, such as branding. This piece is vital in building a Top- Tier Brand.

Foundation is the Key, to an ELEVATED Brand.

One thing about Women  Entrepeneurs  we will figure out how to still bring in our own income while taking care of home.

When it comes to branding and designing a website you already know this isn’t in your zone of genius. You tried to DIY it, but that only go you so far. Now, you’re ready to invest in a strategically built out brand and web design.

Let's Get Started!

Branding sets the foundation for your ideal clients; they are able to identify your brand and know your value. The brand is experience will allow you to be Top-Tier in your industry.

Systems are essential in business. So, many CEO’s feel overwhelmed that they don’t have enough time to handle task in their business. The solution are systems, use a streamlined automated client system to onboard, send emails, contracts invoices and so much more. 

Also, how are you attracting leads and building connections, the answer should be your lead magnet and a funnel. 

We believe in honoring you time and our time. So,  we intentionally created our timeline serve you. Our clients love our process time!

We spend about 12-14 weeks on our Signature Package an 12-18 weeks on our Exclusive and Premium Package. Introductory Branding Package timeframe is 4-6 weeks and if you are needing a website done soon our Website Only in 2 Weeks would be great, you will be required to have your Branding assets ready 2 weeks before your project start. 

We recommend you schedule your clarity call 2-4 weeks before you want your project to start. During our clarity call we will provide a more detail timeline. 

I only build in WordPress and Showit. We can discuss the best platform for you.

As a Brand Strategist I will direct you on your Photos for the Signature and Premium Packages, but if you purchased the VIP Weekend Package it is required to have your professional photos and branding completed. 

Site ground There is a $35 monthly hosting fee. This includes me hosting you and updating your plugins. Plus, my premium plugins are included. I provide technical support with your site with your WordPress site. If you are hosting through Showit. They will provide the support.