Launch Your Program or New Service Like A Pro!

As Wellness Coaches you’re passionate about serving your clients and you’re ready to launch your coaching program or new service, but unsure the proper steps to take. Your email list barely exists. Plus, you’re not consistent when it comes to communicating via email marketing. Let’s start connecting with your audience with automated funnels, so we can get your Sales Page + Sales Funnel Done in A Week. 

You have an amazing Coaching Program or Service that you want to launch, but don’t have the time to do all of the email marketing and designing your Sales Page and Funnel. 

You know your coaching program and new service is exactly what your audience need, but you don’t have the proper tools to launch. 

Your email list is lacking, and you want your launch to be a success. You’re unsure about how to build your email list before your launch or release of your new service. 


Here's what's included:

We use our signature framework – THE ELEVATED METHOD.


After our Clarity Call enroll into Sales Page + Sales Funnel In A Week.


Now, we will have our 1:1 onboarding call that will layout all of the details of your goals in order to strategically build your Sales Page and Sales Funnel.

Strategic Planning

After getting to know more about your vision, we will strategically create a launch plan.

The Magic Happens

Our Experts Operation Team goes to work executing the plan, while you work in your zone of genius.   


After ONE WEEK, we will send you an invite to schedule your offboarding call. We have a walkthrough.

30 Days Support

There is a 30-day support, after your offboarding call. This will support you with any tech hiccups. 

Jesica Lindor, Self- Care Strategist

The VIP Week was amazing! I loved how Shalishia gave me an overview of the process before diving into specific details. This was super helpful because tech lingo can be difficult to understand. Shalishia explained everything in people-friendly terms so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. She did a great job of communicating with me throughout the week, which was great for ensuring I completed action items in a timely manner.